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At the young age of five, Queen knew she wanted to become a writer. She would create books out of notebook and construction paper for her family and friends to read when she was bored. 

During her eighth grade year, she discovered her love for cameras when she walked into a small film studio at her school. They were beginning to do the morning announcements on the classroom TV's, and needed students to help. The teacher who was over the morning announcements team, elected Queen as the director and ignited her passion in film. 

Queen started her career shooting music videos for local artist, then grew to shooting for high budget clients and celebrities. After starting Qii Films, she dedicated herself to writing, directing and producing her own films. 

Queen now has two successful feature films doing well on streaming platforms, Til My Casket Drops and Danksgiving. She wrote, directed, and produced both films, and is currently in production for her next film.

Queen Norris


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